Our Story

We are a husband-and-wife duo who have always shared a passion in entrepreneurship. We’ve spent many years of our lives working for a number of businesses and thus growing our expertise in our respective fields. We’ve lived in different parts of the world and have gained valuable exposure to the functioning and operating rhythm of businesses internationally. After moving to Canada, and having worked for the oil & gas, community health, aviation, immigrant services, and supply chain industries, we decided to launch our very own business management consultancy.

Our brand “MAYZ” is coined from the first letters of the first names of our children. It’s our alternate spelling for “MAZE” as our logo indicates. So, when business challenges loom up, choose to work with us because “At MAYZ, we will either find you a way or create one.”

At MAYZ, we innovate to provide you with solutions and strategies to help tackle any challenge in any industry. We work together with clients to help them grow by taking care of their most basic business issues, helping them make better choices, translating actions into results, and enhancing organizational performance. We transform organizations into incredible, well-coordinated teams that foresee change, adjust quickly to obstacles, and outcompete constraints.
As our tagline indicates, we stand for Innovate|Grow|Transform!

Our Mission

To innovate solutions that will help our clients grow and transform.

Our Vision

To be the leading business management consulting firm in Human Resources Management, Logistics & Supply chain Management, Business Process Improvements, Project Management and Organizational Change Management.

Our Values

• Tailoring client-centered solutions
• Transparency in business relationships
• Adhering to high ethical standards
• Respecting business values and upholding trust
• Bringing innovations in business management practices
• Delivering value through positive, tangible, and lasting change